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After death nothing matters, but in life these are powerful triggers. We can easily mislead the fact that our lives establish their purpose. ¿Even beyond life?…not 100% sure yet, but I can sense that yes. We get connected to all those who lived before us through their work. Let’s think about Doctor Edward Bach, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, Mandela. We still receive the benefits of their work. There is no question about love beyond death. Love has no space, no time. It is the life essence with no limits and no dimensions. Money is the materialization of our needs, interests, worries and survival burdens. Beyond death we keep its path, its footprint. Many times a Brand.

  • Love


I know for sure true love overcomes death. Nothing gives more sense in life than love. Chanel started her business with Arthur Edward Boy Capel’s money. Boy was a passionate lover; the love of her life. When he died she decided to make the whole world mourn him. Today black has become her trademark signature. If we Google Chanel, we find lots, even videos or her. Boy Capel did not even exist for Google before her last movie came out; once again, as she would have loved to. The world knows about him thanks to her. She turned the end of their love into a never ending empire beyond their own death. They could not be together in life, but they remain together after death before everyone’s eyes. Chanel; a passionate woman, had many lovers, but Boy Capel was the one who shaped and moved her life, her project, her company until the last day of her life.

I keep the passion from this; the trigger of every single thing in our lives. Have no remorse, no hesitation. Keep the non stopping energy of passion. There is too much to do and too little time in life.

Passion keeps you up, pushes you ahead, moves your life. Any passion can make you mad, but used as a trigger. It Is the best reason to move on. Love for a cause, unrequited love, distant love, love to love. Life without love has no sense. Love gets into your soul and what we cared for in life keeps moving on those who get connected to that purpose we created.

  • Money


Money out of life has no value. Even in life has no value if we cannot enjoy it with those we love. If you have no penny at all, but you have love and health, sooner or later you’ll sort it out”. However having no health, nor love. No matter how much money you get, It is useless. Of course nobody eats love and vitality. Sustenance demands making money.

It is important, however throughout life not to risk health in order to get money. It is important to prioritize time spend with the ones we love over time and energy we spend making money. To lead our lives we can easily think that the more money the better. According to our concepts of work and life we can decide to work more so we can get more money and have a better life. In fact we end up having no life at all by spending all time working.

I see everyday toddlers and teenagers apart from their parents who are struggling to get money for their education. It comes to my mind something I read from Jeff Weiner. A thing to value is the ability dream big. If we dream big about money the ideal thing would be to have everything we need without getting so busy to make it. Robert Kiyosaki states more tan a method a state of mind for a lifestyle. To my mind that should be the focus for money. To see it as a challenge, a problem to solve. To have in mind that we should get the best result with the minimum effort. This is the management approach. To reach the objectives with the minimum effort using what you have handy. You do not need money to make money. Most millionaires started up with very little. Those who have a personal brand on making money think mostly about a lifestyle. They dream big. They are willing to do what it takes to reach their goals. They are willing to try over an over until they get what they want. They are willing to risk all their money, but not their lives. Never themselves. Money comes and goes, is elastic. Money is a mean, not a goal. So it is not necessary to focus a 100% in it. The main focus should be to live, love and blossom. The challenge is as we live, love and blossom we should be making enough to keep doing so. It is possible and easier than we think it is. It is in our concepts, our beliefs and thoughts. We must switch the chip. Change the approach we’ve always used. As we change life changes and things flow along. By adjusting our concepts of love, life and job. We make a switch and life changes with us.

  • Job.


I started talking about love and passion, as the essence of life in the human being. I mentioned Chanel as the example of passion flourishing into growing empire until now. Everyone’s main essence materializes into a path to follow, an activity , a work or job to do according to the people’s concepts, lives, experiences. Chanel, an orphan with a keen sense of neatness, and a lure for pleasing the senses with high standards, turned her weaknesses and needs into strengths. She got the ability to make her own clothes, and created her classic smell for the world. Through her brand she was able to get into the royals being a commoner. She simply lived, and being herself her company blossomed and left her signature through all she loved and cared for. This is the real sense of a job. The material result of putting all your gifts to serve a purpose in life. Then life pays off, and pays well. Feeling and thinking about the job like a burden for sustenance is the saddest way to live. To earn their bread with the sweet of their face is the old adage of being expelled from paradise. The living dead.

It is possible just to live, blossom and make money alongside. We have been educated with harsh concepts of love, money and work. Being passionate about life, and love, engaging in anything we do with passion is the key. There are no steps for love. There are formulas and keys for money. For the job only the true own nature of people, their gifts, their own purpose in life turns out into skills to serve a purpose. They create, and solve problems with natural originality. The job plays a vital role in life. It is the mission of the human being to use their gifts to help others in life.


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